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Our clientele group consists of many of South Africa’s leading enterprises and multinational corporations. We are confident of our abilities to co‐operate with South Africa’s elite, but at the same time we are also sincere in our dealings with small scale enterprises. We at Just Property take a holistic approach to commercial property rentals and commercial property for sale. Just Property Knysna are committed to provide each individual client with the highest quality personalised service (landlord and tenant alike). In fact, we contemplated that our major success is in very big part due to our equal and fair dedication to both parties. Property owners often have legitimate concerns about the logistics of contracting with a managing agent. Queries such as fee structure, benefits, operating procedures, and disadvantages are often brought up. Just Property Knysna is familiar with these concerns. Therefore, we uphold the promise to always provide stress free specialized service. Our management team are highly skilled highly trained professionals that are here to save you time and minimise your risks.